wtorek, 23 marca 2010

Vocokesh - The Tenth Corner (2004)

"In Wisconsin, lysergic visionary Richard Franecki dealt a fatal blow to the song format with the cassettes and records of his project F/I. His best Hawkwind and Chrome impersonation was on Space Mantra (1988). He then formed Vocokesh and proceeded to apply analog electronics to raga-rock, interstellar Pink Floyd and Grateful Dead's acid-rock, particularly on the enigmatic and imposing Smile And Point At The Mountain (1995) and on the more ethnic Paradise Revisited (1998). "

Mocno krautująca rzecz, z kilkoma interpretacjami soundtracków( dwa do filmów jodorowskyego i jedni floydzi z Antonioniego). Polecam.

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