wtorek, 2 marca 2010

Peter Scion

''Peter Scion is a Swedish musician who in the 90's and a couple of years into the 00's privately released a series of albums of psychedelic folk. The albums were released as micro edition CD-R:s and are now hard to find. Peter Scion retired from music making in the early 00's. This blog offers (legally and for free) Peter Scion's music recorded as a solo performer, and as a member of Continental Soul Searchers, Modryn and Pangolin.''

Koniecznie prosze zbadac.Ja na razie jestem po owej płycie:


Próbka 0
Próbka 1
Próbka 2
Próbka 3

ps.Na dniach więcej wpisów... zastój znowu miałem.Sorrry.

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Peter Scion pisze...

Thanks for posting my music and a link to my blog! I appreciate a lot. I only wish I could understand what you're saying!

By the way, I'm intrigued by your name Stig Helmer! Is it from the Trier series?

All the best,
Peter Scion

stig helmer pisze...
Ten komentarz został usunięty przez autora.
stig helmer pisze...

That's right, my nick origins from von Trier's "Kingdom". I am deeply honoured by Your presence here, it's a pleasure to listen to Your music, and to share it with other people.

My friends an I truly admire Your work. Drop by anytime You like, and feel Yourself at home here.

The first polish lesson : "próbka" is a "sample" (some tracks of an artist i am mentioning in the text- maybe You'll find something You'll like).

p.s. my english is too poor, that is why my blog is in polish.